I’ve always loved great conversation. Friends, strangers, it doesn’t matter to me. If you can tell a good story, then I’ll still be listening to you when the sun comes back around. This pastime has got me into trouble over the years, but repeatedly forgetting to go to bed when I’m with awesome people is a cross to bear that I’ve always been quite happy to live with.

So just a little bit about me. My name is Al Black, and I was born and raised in Scotland. I moved to Melbourne in 1990 at the age of 16, where I soon discovered a passion for electronic music. This led me to my time at Kiss 90 FM, (now Kiss FM), where my (not very) alter-ego, Out There Al, conducted live crosses from the streets, bars and clubs wearing his trademark Kiss FM t-shirt and kilt. I was also a co-presenter on The Ballistic Breakfast in 1995, and then presented The Breakfast Club from 2005-2008, and there were even a couple of seasons on TV, as a co-presenter with electronic music show BPM Australia.

As well as radio and TV, I also spent a number of years in the print game, writing for Australia’s then-largest street press organisation, Street Press Australia, (now theMusic.com.au). The only one of my articles that made the jump from the printed page to the digital variety, is a salute to one of Melbourne’s most legendary nightclubs, QBar. So if you’re interested in hearing some of the stories surrounding that venue, including the night I passed out on Heath Ledger, then check that one out here.

In 2010 I moved to Australia’s sunniest city, Perth, where I spent a number of years running digital marketing campaigns for a variety of clients, but with a specific focus on tourism and accommodation.

In 2017 I transitioned from digital marketing to software solutions for the hospitality industry. So from Mon-Fri, you’ll find me working with many of the top pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, retail venues, and best of all, personalities, throughout this amazing state of Western Australia. On the weekends you can still find me at some of those awesome venues, as I play my favourite blend of house and nu-disco tracks from behind the decks. I record many of these sets live, so feel free to check out my soundtrack on my Mixcloud page.


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